When To Sell Your Car

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The sun has been shining bright outside (for the UK anyway!) and the idea of a summer road trip is enticing. But the car you’re driving has seen better days and the risk of having to call for roadside assistance when you’re hours away from home isn’t appealing.

You’ve found yourself wondering “Is now a good time to sell my car?”. Look no further, we’ve got the answer! After taking a deep dive into the topic, we give you the best advice.

What season is best to sell a car?

Looking through the last four years of data, we found that when the summer rolls around a boom of people searching to sell their car online occurs. Starting in June and lasting until August, the heat is a telltale sign of more people wanting to upgrade their vehicle.

When you shouldn’t sell your car

Our analysis shows that there are two particular times of year that aren’t exactly popular when it comes to car selling. 

For starters, the holiday season: the number of people looking to trade their car online noticeably drops from October to November. The result? November and December are two of the most unpopular months of people searching online for car selling.

If you’re discouraged from exchanging your vehicle at this time of year, but it still needs upgrading, take a look at our Ultimate Winter Car Maintenance Guide.

These winter months aren’t alone. The lowest number of people looking to sell their vehicle happens in April. Curious as to why? April is tax season, and it seems to affect how many people are considering trading their car.

Should I sell my car during Covid-19?

You have nothing to worry about, as long as you follow the health and safety precautions, of course. Our research shows that there was no impact from the pandemic on the number of people that are searching for car sales online. 

The reasons why are quite simple: On one hand, social distancing guidelines aren’t exactly encouraging to use public transportation, so having your vehicle is the safest option; on the other hand, most of us are working from home, using our car less often and more willing to put it on the market. These two factors balance each other out, resulting in the same yearly patterns we’ve seen since 2017.

This data was extracted from Google’s Keyword Planner Tool for March 2017 - February 2021

So, When is the best time of year to sell my car?

From all the data we have gathered, it seems to be a case for “new year, new car”. January is the most popular month to sell a car, but don’t worry if this doesn’t align with your own financial calendar.

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