Here Are Five Basic Skills You Should Know To Maintain Your Vehicle Properly

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Owning a car can be expensive, so knowing how to look after your vehicle is important. Check out our list of basic maintenance skills you need to know for your car.

Changing a Flat Tyre

When you’re out driving, the roads won’t always be perfect. A loose screw or shard of glass can easily penetrate your tyre and leave you with a puncture at the side of the road, so it’s important to know how to safely and effectively change your wheel. 

Most cars will come with a spare wheel, a car jack and a tyre wrench, usually found in the boot of the car. Remember, only change the wheel of your car if you’re in a safe place away from other motorists! 

A quick rundown of changing a wheel is, loosening the lug nuts, jacking up the car, removing the old wheel, putting the spare wheel on, lowering the car and finally tightening the lug nuts. 

Checking Tyre Pressure and Wear

Over or under-inflated tyres can dramatically affect your vehicles performances and safety, so knowing how to check your tyre pressure regularly is crucial. Most cars would be between 28 and 35 psi, however there is usually a sticker along the driver’s side door frame to show the exact pressure you need.

Using an electronic tyre pressure gauge is the best way to accurately read your tyre’s pressure, as service station air hoses will have been used thousands of times, giving a skewed reading.

To check the tyre pressure, remove the valve caps and use the gauge to check the pressure. It’s usually best to do this in the morning when the tyres are cold, so the air pressure would be lowest for the day. It’s also good to check your tyre pressures once a month.

Jumpstarting a Car

Left a light on overnight in your car and now the battery has gone dead? Don’t worry, knowing how to jumpstart your car can be just the skill to make sure you’re not late for work or to miss that important flight.

It’s handy to keep a pair of jump leads in your vehicle as you never know when someone else may need a jump start too. Most jump leads are colour coded, so red clip to red terminal and black clip to black terminal. For some cars, you may only need to connect to the positive terminal, so check your vehicle handbook just in case.

Checking the Oil Level

Oil is one of the most important fluids you keep in your car, it lubricates vital engine components and makes sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Too little or too much oil can seriously damage your engine and can cause irreparable damage if not properly maintained.

The easiest way to check the oil level is using the dipstick located in the engine bay. It usually has a small coloured handle or cap so you can spot it easily. Once located, pull out the dipstick and wipe away any oil that is sitting on the stick. Then, push it firmly back into place and pull it out once more. The reading should be between the two dots located near the bottom of the stick.

Check what kind of oil your vehicle needs by looking in the handbook or doing a quick Google search. Oil that is too thin or too thick will not allow the engine to perform efficiently, which may lead to excessive oil consumption or worse fuel economy.

Replacing Windscreen Wipers

Having a clean windscreen is just as important as wearing your seatbelt, as dirt and filth can obstruct your vision, leading to decreased awareness on the roads. Old wiper blades can also leave scratches on the windscreen if not replaced often enough, as well as being very loud when driving.

Replacing the wipers on your car will be the easiest thing on this list, as they literally just clip in and out of place! Pop to your local automotive shop and once you’ve bought a new set of wipers, find the clip near the middle of the wiper blades to pop them out and slide off the stalk. To fit your new ones just reverse the steps and click it into place.


Whether you have a luxury, sports or family car, it’s important to keep your car in tip top shape. For more tips and advice, check out our blog or not give us a follow on Instagram and Facebook.