What to Consider When Selling Your 4x4

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So you’re finally ready to sell your car. It has a few miles on it, but that doesn’t mean you need to trade it in for half price. Get the most money out of it, and take the hassle and headaches out of the process. No advertising, no online back and forths: let’s go over the rules and help you get the best value for your vehicle.

Car condition

Sounds obvious, right? 

Chances are you bought a 4x4 because of its increased traction and stability, making it great at handling adverse weather conditions. But those are the same reasons why you might have some roadblocks (pun intended) when it’s time to sell. So be honest about all the possible damages, no matter how small, you may have had through the years and get rewarded for your honesty. 

Also, don’t ignore the importance of a good deep clean and a test drive, especially if you’ve not driven your vehicle in a while.

If you need help WeBuyPrestigeCar will give you an accurate appraisal by having an expert vehicle buyer personally appraise your vehicle and sending you your guaranteed valuation.

Records and More Records

If you were buying a car wouldn’t you like proof that it’s as good as the seller makes it sound?

A confident quick sale is dependent on trust and credibility! 

Comb through all your files and do your best to find anything that proves your car has been taken care of and in good condition. Repairs, MOT certificate, insurance paperwork: if you’ve ever had to claim it, all come into play when selling your 4x4.

Check out our article: “What documents do I need to sell my car” if you need any guidance.

Be prepared to answer questions

Mileage? Past owners? Why are you selling it?

All the questions you’d ask if you were buying a 4x4 are the ones you need to be prepared for. So take your time to think them through and be ready to answer because when it comes down to it a “Uhm… I’m not sure” is the fastest way to get a potential buyer running for the hills.

Quick fixes, big return

You’ve had a few bumps and bruises along the way, and you wanna make sure it doesn’t impact your car value. The question is: Is it worth spending time fixing parts before you sell? 

Sometimes fixing small issues pays off: spending a hundred pounds could affect your markup by the thousands.

The additional expenses you have on tyres, servicing and general maintenance may not be taken into account by generic online valuation providers, but don’t get deflated. Our team understands the impact of these and tailors your 4x4 value specifically to these.

Setting a fair value

Maybe you’ve browsed online and seen the market’s general rates when selling a 4x4. You’ve had your car for years, you know what it’s worth. But odds are you don’t want to wait an eternity (and see your car value diminish in front of your eyes) whilst you find a buyer willing to match your price.

Be ready to adjust your expectations, but don’t get pressured into selling for a very low margin. Your vehicle is unique: the extras and how good you’ve maintained it matters!

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