Can I Sell a Car on Behalf of Someone Else?

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“Can I sell a vehicle on behalf of someone else?" you ask. The answer is a resounding 'yes'. Whether you're merely assisting a family member by handling the online forms and phone conversations or stepping in to manage the entire handover in their absence, there are specific guidelines to follow. 

In this blog post, we'll explore the nuances of such third-party transactions, from the simplicity of having the registered keeper present to the necessary documentation when they're not.

How Can Someone Else Sell My Car?

When considering delegating the sale of your vehicle to someone you trust, like a relative or friend, there are certain steps and protocols to follow to ensure the process is both smooth and legally compliant.

Establishing Authority

Before anything else, you need to officially grant this individual the right to act on your behalf. This can be done in one of two ways:

  • Power of Attorney (PoA): A PoA is a legal document that allows one person to act on behalf of another. In the context of car sales, this would permit the designated person to negotiate and finalise the sale for you.
  • Letter of Intent: Alternatively, you can draft a straightforward letter that clearly states your intention for this individual to sell your car. While not as legally binding as a PoA, it offers a level of clarity and assurance to potential buyers.

Verification of Identity

  • Seller's Identification: The person you've chosen to sell your car should be prepared to provide two forms of their own ID. This could be a driving licence, passport, or any other official document that verifies their identity.
  • Owner's Identification: Since you remain the registered keeper of the vehicle, the seller will also need to provide two forms of your ID. This step reinforces the legitimacy of the sale and confirms the link between you, the vehicle's owner, and the person representing you.

Essential Documents

Selling a vehicle necessitates certain key documents. When selling on behalf of someone else, the importance of these is amplified:

  • V5C Registration Certificate (Logbook): This is the vehicle’s birth certificate, so to speak. It's the unequivocal proof of ownership. If you’re handling the sale, make sure the 'Notification of Sale or Transfer’ part of the document is duly completed.
  • Service History & MOT Certificate: For many buyers, this is as essential as the V5C. The service history provides a glimpse into the car's past, its maintenance, and overall health. The MOT (Ministry of Transport) test certificate further reinforces the vehicle’s roadworthiness, a vital factor for any prospective buyer.
  • Written Consent: A PoA, while comprehensive, can often be a dense legal document. To simplify things for potential buyers and to bolster your credibility, secure clear, written, and signed consent from the vehicle’s owner. This should explicitly state your authority to sell the car on their behalf.
  • Settlement of Outstanding Finance: A common oversight is neglecting to address the vehicle's outstanding finance. Ideally, any finance on the vehicle should be settled before its sale. If this isn't possible, it's paramount to be transparent with potential buyers. This ensures clarity and avoids potential legal hassles down the road.

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Selling a vehicle, especially on behalf of someone else, can seem daunting. The intertwined threads of legalities, documentation, and negotiations can be challenging to navigate. However, this guide tells you everything you need to know about selling a car on behalf of someone else. 

Always remember, while this guide provides a robust overview, consulting with a legal professional when dealing with Power of Attorney or any other intricate legal matters is always a prudent move.

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