What Car Companies Does Volkswagen (VW Group) Own?

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The Volkswagen Group, headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany, is one of the largest and most influential automotive conglomerates worldwide. Its portfolio includes a diverse range of brands that cater to various segments of the market, from luxury and performance vehicles and commercial vans. This article explores the car companies and a notable motorcycle brand under the VW Group's umbrella, highlighting their unique contributions to the conglomerate's success.



Audi, a subsidiary of VW since 1965, is renowned for its advanced technology and engineering excellence. Based in Ingolstadt, Germany, Audi offers a wide range of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, and sports cars, embodying the brand's commitment to innovation. The Audi A series, Q series, and the high-performance RS and S models cater to a broad audience, combining luxury with cutting-edge technology.



Bentley Motors, acquired by VW in 1998, is a British brand known for its luxurious vehicles that combine performance with luxury. Operating from Crewe, England, Bentley's lineup, including the Continental GT and the Bentayga SUV, showcases the brand's mastery in creating vehicles that offer an unrivalled luxury experience.



Lamborghini, part of the VW Group since 1998 via Audi, is synonymous with Italian luxury sports cars. Known for their dramatic styling and powerful performance, Lamborghini's vehicles, including the Aventador and Huracán, embody the passion and flair of Italian automotive design.



Porsche became part of the VW Group in 2012, further enhancing the conglomerate's portfolio with its sports cars and SUVs. Based in Stuttgart, Germany, Porsche is renowned for the 911, alongside other models like the Panamera, Macan, and Cayenne, which blend performance with practicality.


SEAT and Škoda

SEAT and Škoda, from Spain and the Czech Republic respectively, offer a range of vehicles that combine quality with value. VW acquired SEAT in 1986 and Škoda in 1991, and both brands have since improved their market presence, offering a variety of models from compact cars to SUVs that appeal to a wide audience.



Cupra, initially SEAT's performance sub-brand, has evolved into a standalone brand under the VW Group, focusing on creating vehicles that blend sporty performance with contemporary design. Since its establishment as a separate entity in 2018, Cupra has been making waves with models like the Cupra Formentor and Cupra Leon, appealing to a younger demographic and car enthusiasts looking for a unique driving experience.



Volkswagen also owns a motorbike company. Ducati, an Italian motorcycle manufacturer acquired by the VW Group in 2012 through its Audi division, is celebrated for its high-performance motorcycles. Based in Bologna, Italy, Ducati's products are known for their design, performance, and advanced technology. The brand's motorcycles, such as the Panigale, Monster, and Multistrada, appeal to enthusiasts seeking both speed and style.


Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles: Supporting Business Needs

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles specialises in vans, pickups, and minibuses designed to meet the demands of businesses. This division focuses on creating reliable vehicles that serve as essential tools for various commercial operations.


The VW Group's Strategy and Market Presence

The Volkswagen Group's strategy of diversifying its brand portfolio allows it to cater to nearly every segment of the automotive market. From luxury and performance vehicles to motorcycles and commercial vans, the VW Group has a presence in multiple categories, ensuring its global dominance in the automotive industry.

Audi's focus on technology and innovation has made it a leader in the premium segment, while Bentley continues to set the standard for luxury and craftsmanship. Ducati adds a dimension of high-performance motorcycles to the group, broadening its appeal beyond just car enthusiasts.

Lamborghini and Porsche represent the pinnacle of performance, with each brand maintaining its unique identity under the VW umbrella. SEAT and Škoda have successfully positioned themselves as accessible European brands, offering quality and value to a broader market.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles underscores the group's commitment to supporting businesses with a range of reliable vehicles designed for commercial use. This division plays a crucial role in the conglomerate's comprehensive approach to meeting the diverse needs of the automotive market.


The Volkswagen Group's extensive portfolio showcases its strategic acquisitions and the development of its brands, allowing it to serve a wide range of customer needs. From luxury vehicles and high-performance sports cars to motorcycles and commercial vans, the VW Group has established a formidable presence in the automotive industry. Each brand within the group maintains its distinct identity and market position, contributing to the conglomerate's overall success and resilience in a competitive landscape.