How To Take the Best Pictures Of Your Car When You Come to Sell

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When selling your car, taking photos is one of the most important things, especially when selling privately. This allows people to have a good look to see if they are interested, turning them into a potential buyer. To do this, you need to capture the right images to properly show off your car. Remember, the pictures are just as important as the words, especially since it’s the first thing the buyer will see. Here are our tips and tricks to take pictures of your car like a pro!

1. Wash Your Car And Declutter

Start by washing your car. This is a vital step when you are taking photos. However, not everyone does. Wash your car as you usually would then go over with a chamois cloth and car wax. A chamois cloth is great for drying, this will give you a streak free finish.  It’s also important to empty the car. Keep it clean, inside and out. 

If you don’t clean your car, this can give the impression that you're hiding dents, scratches etc. as they can’t be seen as easily. In the same way, cleaning out the interior can show how well you’ve looked after the inside of your motor. Buyers will always choose the well maintained car over the scruffy, banged up looking one, so put your car in the limelight!

2. Time Of Day


When taking pictures of your car, you need to pick the right time of day. Bright sunshine can wash out the car. The best time of day is 30 minutes after sunrise or an hour before sunset. Never take photos in the dark with your flash. Not only will this give the wrong impression when selling to potential buyers, but your photos will either be too washed or not show enough detail. The right lighting can massively affect your photos. You don’t want to take your photos when it’s too bright or too dark, so during “golden hour” is the best time. 

3. Location

Just like in real estate, taking photos of your car is “location, location, location”. Sometimes, taking photos on your drive just doesn’t cut it. Choose a location that makes your car stand out. Ideally somewhere that isn’t distracting and allows the car to be the key focus point. Nice country park round the corner? Why not take your car for a spin and get a few rural snaps of it with a beautiful background.

4. One Photo is Never Enough


When you are taking photos of your car, you need to be able to capture every feature from every angle. Put yourself in the buyer's shoes. What would you like to see when buying a used car? These are some of the key photos you need to take:

  • Front 3/4 of the car, both left and right, including straight on
  • Back 3/4 of the car, both left and right, including straight on
  • Tires and alloy wheels, showing the condition
  • Back seats
  • Instrument binnacle and dials
  • Any extra gadgets or accessories unique to your vehicle
  • Any damages, interior and exterior

This allows the potential buyer to get the full view of your car, including every scratch. Being able to show every angle of your car could attract some international buyers or buyers that may be unable to view the car in person, making it a bit easier to get a deal.

Extra Car Photography Top Tips

  • Don’t use the flash. This can obstruct the view of the car and cause unnecessary reflections.
  • Have the right equipment. Although the camera on a smartphone can be good, it’s not always great. If you have one, use a DSLR camera.
  • Check for shadows. The best way to avoid this is to park it away from street lamps or trees or position the car differently.
  • It’s always important to be honest, don’t edit your photos. Include scratches, dents or any marks.
  • Make sure the photos are in focus.
  • Don’t take photos when the car is wet.
  • When taking pictures of the interior, pull the front seats forward so you can see the rear seats easier. 

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