12 Best Fuel Price & Mileage Apps

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Looking to reduce the extra car expenses you have? Look no further!

We’ve put together the ultimate list of fuel price and mileage tracker apps that save up on your time and on your wallet. Take a look:

1. Petrol Prices

PetrolPrices is an app created to help you save money and time at 98% of petrol stations across the UK. It allows you to compare petrol, diesel and premium fuel prices at major UK petrol stations, and review others comments of members. You can also contribute by reporting on fuel prices and commenting about local stations.

The best part: you earn points for every price you update or confirmation you submit that give you special rewards.

PetrolPrices on the Appstore.

PetrolPrices on Google Play.

2. Fuel Calculator

Terrible at doing maths in your head? Don’t stress, that’s what the fuel calculator was designed to help with. When you open the app you will find what looks exactly like a calculator. Simply select what you want to calculate and what you already know and the app will do all the heavy lifting from there. You will be able to easily find the fuel consumption of your car, fuel cost and volume necessary for a trip and even the distance you can drive after refueling.

Fuel Calculator on Google Play.

3. WhatGas

Of all the petrol price comparison apps, WhatGas is perhaps the simplest one. It relies on user feedback to let you find the nearest petrol station and the best UK petrol prices. 

This app has a map feature, so you can browse about an area, it’s totally free and doesn't require a subscription. Help yourself and other drivers save money by submitting or updating fuel prices and enjoy the ride!

WhatGas on the App Store

4. Roadtrippers

The Roadtrippers app is a necessity for anyone planning a long car trip with friends. Think of it like GoogleMaps designed specifically for road trips, including itinerary suggestions, local guides with stops you can’t miss and plenty of key information (like the nearest fuel station or most scenic points). Not only can your friends collaborate on the planning, but the trips you've saved or places you love will also sync automatically across devices.

Roadtrippers on the App Store.

Roadtrippers on Google Play

5. The AA

The AA breakdown and membership app is a staple for any driver. Simple and easy, with a click you can report a breakdown and track assistance, it sends you reminders whenever an important date like service or MOT is coming up, and the route planner hits all of the important marks: giving you live updates on traffic, parking and fuel prices nearby.

Another perk (as if it wasn’t great already) is that members get up to 20% off at over 1,000 UK pubs and restaurants, just in case they are feeling peckish on the journey.

The AA on the App Store.

The AA on Google Play

6. fuelGenie

The fuelGenie app allows you to locate the nearest supermarket petrol stations and the latest fuel prices, with access to over 1,350 locations. You can use the app to not only find low-cost fuel anywhere in the UK but also access and manage your fuelGenie fuel card account.

Working with Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s, the fuelGenie fuel card programme lets you simultaneously collect points on your Tesco Clubcard, Morrisons More Card and Nectar card at Sainsbury’s when you fuel up with fuelGenie.

fuelGenie on the Appstore.

fuelGenie on Google Play.

7. AutoCare

If you have a hard time keeping track of all your vehicle records and maintenance appointments, AutoCare is the app for you. Besides tracking your gas mileage, it stores your fuel and service records and helps you track gas and services expenses. 

Just need a reminder to check your oil? Schedule it on the app and you’re all set. You can register all the vehicles you own and sync with iCloud for added ease.

AutoCare on the App Store.

8. Simply Auto

Particularly suitable for anyone who needs to track business trips, Simply Auto is an easy way to overview vehicle fuel consumption and other expenses. Easily view fuel efficiency through the month in a handy graph and set up any reminders necessary.

In the stats and charts section of the app, you can find total distance and fill-ups along with a division of business and personal trips. The best feature: cloud backup and tax-deduction.

SimplyAuto on Google Play

9. Fuel Monitor Pro

Save time and money with Fuel Monitor Pro. This app automatically calculates the fuel economy for gasoline cars and energy consumption for electric cars: simply add the miles, gallons and cost. You can track multiple vehicle expenses separately and manage other info like service logs including odometer, time, cost, labour cost, etc.

Fuel Monitor Pro on the App Store.

10. Fuelio

Fuelio gives you a highly detailed breakdown of all car expenses you have. Besides tracking mileage, fuel consumption and cost, it includes a combined timeline to help you understand your spending throughout the month and the year. It also shows you handy charts and stats you can use to compare your records. 

Our favourite feature: the GPS recorder. It tracks… everything. Average and top speed, route, time, cost, and also break all of these down into a graph. 

Fuelio on Google Play.

11. MPG Calculator UK

We recommend MPG to anyone who likes a fully detailed spreadsheet on their mileage and fuel consumption. It’s a fuss-free app that focuses more on the data and less on the aesthetics. It presents charts and a summary of mileage, works out miles per gallon and costs of fuel used, making it quick and simple to add your mileage and fuel data when you fill up your car.

MPG Calculator UK on Google Play

12. FillUp

FillUp is mostly designed to help you calculate 3 parameters: Total cost, fuel amount and fuel price. All you need to do is insert the 2 variables you know into the app and it will automatically tell you the third. For example, enter fuel price and total cost, and the FillUp app will calculate the fuel amount for you. It also maintains a log of all your purchases and plots simple stats. Easy.

FillUp on Google Play.

There you have it, the ultimate list of fuel price and mileage tracker apps to save you money this year. And if you’re looking to trade up your prestige model for a more sensible vehicle, WeBuyPrestigeCar can help. 

Our team of experts is on hand to give you a free car valuation based on your vehicle’s unique features. We don’t just rely on apps: our experts take into account every detail of your vehicle to give you the most accurate appraisal. Contact us and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.