How to Sell Your Luxury Car Quickly

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There are multiple ways to sell your vehicle to the second-hand market and here at WeBuyPrestigeCar, we understand that you’ll want to do a deal as quickly as possible so that you can move on to your next endeavour. 

Below we’ll discuss selling your luxury car to a private dealer all the way through the different ways to receive the cash. 

Sell Your Vehicle Privately

Selling your car privately might be an appealing option as you can ideally ask for the price you had in mind but the reality of selling your car privately is far from ideal. 

It is difficult to sell your car to a luxury car buyer who shares the same values as you and is less likely to have the amount that you want for your vehicle upfront. This is why selling your car privately is likely to drag on for a few months. 

You may lose money whilst waiting for it to sell. If you list your vehicle on eBay you may also only attract buyers who will test drive the car with the intention of not buying it. It’s always difficult to target a luxury car-buying audience privately.

Outright Purchase

If you’re interested in getting the cash in hand then you’ll want the vehicle to be bought outright. This means that you’ll receive cash for your vehicle instead of exchanging it in a deposit for another vehicle. 

Part Exchange

Seen a car you like but don’t have a deposit? No worries as you can part-exchange your current vehicle for a newer, up to date vehicle. We aim to offer you the best price available for your vehicle and work with you to help you use that money on your next purchase. 

Trade to a Dealership

When it comes to trading your vehicle into a dealership there are a few things you need to know. 

Dealerships are known for wanting to buy your vehicle off you for as little as possible and sell it on for a profit. 

Find yourself a reputable dealership who is willing to give you the best price available for your vehicle. Look specifically for a luxury car dealership as they are more likely to give you the best offer available and you can be reassured that you are selling to someone who knows the ins and outs of your vehicle.

When You’re Ready to Sell

When you’re ready to sell your vehicle it’s important to mention what state your car is in exterior and interior. It’s important to make sure that your luxury vehicle looks luxurious. Note any bumps or cracks on the exterior body and give it a clean inside before selling. No matter who you are selling your vehicle to, a clean and smart-looking vehicle can help increase the value.

Keep a record of all services and MOT’s as this will help when selling your vehicle as you can prove any work that has been done and that the car has been kept in good condition. 

How Can WeBuyPrestigeCar Help?

Here at WeBuyPrestigeCar we specialise in online luxury car valuations and every aspect of your vehicle will be taken into consideration to ensure that we give you a fair and accurate price for your car. We provide a quote based on its specification and not just the base model which helps us match or beat any quote from other companies. 

We offer a personal touch with one of our expert vehicle buyers personally appraising your vehicle and sending you your guaranteed valuation. 

Once we agree on the purchase of your vehicle, we’ll transfer the funds electronically transferred directly to your bank account. There are no hidden charges and costs so you’ll receive 100% of your valuation. We also collect your vehicle from your home at no additional cost or stress. We’ll pick up from your chosen location allowing you to get on with the rest of your day. 

Ready to Sell Your Car?

Start by filling your registration number in our specialised box and get an almost instant valuation from one of our specialists.